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My name is Thomas Lemke – I’m a Registered Dietitian and a holistic nutrition and lifestyle consultant.

My experience with using nutrition and lifestyle measures as a means of optimizing physical functionality began in high school when, in an effort to take my sports performance to the next level (and impress the ladies with my physique – I won’t lie), I checked out a book on diet and exercise from my local library.

Mind. Blown.

Mom had always told me to eat my vegetables, but I consider this book to be my first true encounter with the idea that what a person eats has such in impact on the function of their body. I had to know more, so I read more books, and when I entered college, I immediately declared my major in Nutritional Sciences.

After graduating in 2010 with my B.S. in Nutritional Sciences from the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, I immediately tested for my Registered Dietitian credential and began work as a clinical dietitian for INTEGRIS Bass Baptist hospital in Enid, Oklahoma.

While there I served as the primary dietitian in the ICU, IMCU, Geriatric Psychiatric Unit, and three Children’s Behavior Health Units. I, along with my sponsor Dr. E. Keith Cole, founded the Nutrition Support Team for that facility in an effort to reduce unnecessary, dangerous, and wasteful use of parenteral nutrition – something we were imminently successful in doing. During my time there I also took numerous dietetic interns from my alma mater, OUHSC, as well as from Oklahoma State University, paying my education forward by training the next round of dietitians.

Upon getting married and moving back to the Oklahoma metro, I began work for the Natural Grocers health food store chain as a Nutritional Health Coach. I like to say that my time there was like a second college education, so much did I learn about natural health, supplementation, and the importance of building a community around a healthy lifestyle.

In the course of all of my experience, the initial reason I had for getting into nutrition – for optimizing the function of the human body (a concept I now frequently refer to by the recently coined term, “biohacking”) – has continued to draw my attention in even more powerful ways than I would have initially thought possible. During my time in the nutrition program we had a single, remarkable┬álecture on the concept of epigenetics – a new area of study at the time.

Epigenetics, my professor explained, is the science of how environmental factors exert both direct and indirect influences on the expression of a person’s genetic code, for better (toward health) or worse (toward disease). The science has moved forward by leaps and bounds since then, and this enlightenment over time has broadened my focus from one of strictly nutrigenomics (the subset of epigenetics dealing specifically with nutritional influences upon the genome) to the concept as a whole, in every facet and manifestation.

That’s why these days I call myself a nutrition AND lifestyle consultant, because as important as nutrition is, when it comes to the optimization of the function of the human body – or biohacking – lifestyle factors beyond nutrition are increasingly being shown to be vitally important areas of consideration as well. As a result, I’ve made it my mission to follow the science as it develops (with the help of my beautiful wife, who I have no hesitation in admitting is smarter than me by a factor of magnitude).

This website is where I share my thoughts and feelings about all of this with you.

So that’s my story, in as much of a nutshell as reasonable. How about you? I’d love to hear from you, especially if there’s anything I can do to help. If you want to reach out for any reason, hit the button below and get in touch. Or connect with me on Facebook or Twitter and stalk me there!